Riding Shotgun In The Old West

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The Old West RPG Super Event will be an all-day role-playing event in the style of our board gaming events, however as the title suggests, we will be playing a role-playing adventure instead. This will be a one night, one shot, adventure set in the real old west in the early to mid-1800’s. Players will take on the roles of cowboys, gamblers, gunslingers, deputies and all the traditional western classic archetypes. Characters will be pre-generated with backgrounds written by me, as such there is no preparation necessary for you. All you need to do is show up, select a character from the character buffet I will offer and we are ready to play. The story itself will be kept secret up until the event begins but I will be providing you guys with the themes, styles and direction of the game which should give you an idea of what we are going for the game as well as a few tid-bits right as the event approaches to give you guys something to sink your teeth into and get you excited.

First thing to note is that this will be a long day. As always I will provide dinner and some snacks, but players will be responsible for bringing their own food.

This event has room for exactly 6 players and as such I won’t be able to invite everyone across the various groups we have. If you received this invite, than that means you are one of the players I have selected. I will be inviting players until I find enough to cover all six slots for the adventure.

Every role-playing adventure ultimately has to have a theme and a style of play, this one is no different. To give you a visual of the type of game we will have I have sort of broken it down into its elements.

Hero’s In a Deadly World
This adventure will try to portray the west as a gritty and deadly place in which your characters rise above the ominous every day man as heroes of the west. One in which exchanges of weapon fire are common yet not easily brushed off through the loss of a few hit points, but a truly life threatening thing, yet you face them like the billy the kids of their time. You will need to approach this from the perspective of realism in the sense of danger, yet with the uncanny heroism of the characters you portray. It’s only important that you respect dangerous of the world in the same way you respect it in your own world.

Action Movie Heroics
While deadly this adventure will be themed more after western movies, rather than the sad state of affairs that is the real world. We won’t be playing out the mundane lifestyle of the cowboy moving cattle across the western frontier, the story will be an action packed adventure more like a movie in which your characters are the stars and they are called upon to be heroes of the west. Some movies to watch for inspiration would be movies like Tombstone, Wyatt Erp and Young Guns. There will be lots of action, there will be lots of clichéd western movie themes and there will be plenty of gunslingers.

Band of Brothers
Each character in the story will be interconnected and you will quickly grow to form a band to face the dangers of the west together. As such the characters vary in skills and abilities, to give you a plethora of coverage. To traverse the dangers of the west and in particular of this movie, you will need to recognize those bonds and face the world together. This is a vital component of the game and so you must meta game yourselves into these pre-formed relationships.

Dark and Ominous
While the portrayal of the west in this game will use the real world and real history as a model, it is its own world, an alternate version in which you rather than the Wyatt Erps and Billy the kids are the stars. There is a dark and ominous tone here as well that will become immediately apparent as the world is far more violent and freightning. Gunslingers and violence are more common place than the real history might suggest and the corruption and politics of the west are amplified. Like the world of darkness, it is our world, but it’s layered by a more vivid and darker tone.

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